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Every one connected with recharge, money-transfer, ticket-booking services.

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We help businesses to grow in this competitive market through power of technology.


Let us build an online website for your business, we offer static as well as dynamic website.


Big billion Dollar industry, Future of india and indian retail industry.

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    Activate account with E-Pin.

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    Get ready for recharge and other services.

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    Get your own website instantly.

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    Promote your business and concept.

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    Add distributor to your downline.

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    Earn recharge and other commission.

Know us before you start

Dearmart एक B2B(Business To Business), India का पहला MULTI INCOME DIGITAL PLATFORM, जिसके द्वारा आप अपना खुद का Mobile Recharge, Bus Booking, Flight Booking, Ecommerce, Affiliates का business शुरू कर सकते| जिसमे आपको 1% से लेकर 8% तक कमीशन दिया जाता है, और जो भी आप नए डिस्ट्रीब्यूटर बनायेंगे उनसे रिचार्ज पर आपको 0.60% commission सीधा आपके वॉलेट में तुरंत ही जमा हो जाता है| आप एक डिस्ट्रीब्यूटर या Franchisee की तरह हम से जुड़िए और एक DIGITAL क्रांति का हिस्सा बानिये. Facebook और whatsapp पे व्यर्थ समय न गवाएं, बल्कि इन्हें Advertisement का माध्यम बनाए| खुद भी कमाए और दुसरो को भी इसके बारे में बताये, ताकि वो आपको THANK YOU बोल सके| आओ कुछ अच्छा....कुछ सच्चा करे| कुछ देश के लिए, कुछ Society के लिए और कुछ अपने आने वाले कल के लिए|

New Digital Revolution with dearmart services pvt ltd an ISO 9001-2008 certified company.

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Frequently Ask Questions

1. What is Dearmart? Why should I use it?
Dearmart is India's quickest, most convenient, and safest Recharge, Digital and Booking tools. It is B2B platform where you can get commission ranges from 0.50% to 7% on shopping, Mobile recharge, DTH recharge, Money transfers and Bill payments. You can start your Business to becomes Dearmart distributor.

2. Is there any registration fee?
As we earlier mention it is B2B platform and useful for everyone. We charge one time registration fee of Rs.900 for every individual.

3. My friend needs a recharge! Can I use my wallet for other prepaid mobile numbers?
Yes, you can recharge mobile numbers of your loved ones using Dearmart wallet.

4. How can I recharge my mobile or pay my post-paid bill?
There are three easy steps:
  • If you are new user then create and activate your account, if existing then just login by providing username and password.
  • Go to recharge section
  • Enter your mobile number, operator's name and the recharge / bill value.
5. My recharge did not happen. Why?
There could be several reasons. Here’s a quick checklist:
  • Recharge details [number, operator & amount] are duly entered
  • Recharge was stalled
If for some reason your payment was processed and the recharge did not go through, kindly raise support query by login into your Dearmart account and using online support section.

6. My recharge failed. Can I get my money back?
Most of the time in failed recharge, amount in the wallet not deduct. When your recharge fails, the money automatically gets refunded to your wallet. But it happened rare.

7. I would like to suggest some ideas – like a great new feature. How can I give a feature request or suggest ideas?
We love to hear from our customers always. Kindly send your feedback through online support section by login into your Dearmart account. Thanks.

8. How do I know what I will get by paying a particular recharge amount?
You can ask your mobile operator’s helpline or visit their website for more information. This keeps changing frequently, and only your operator will be in a position to answer your query and give you the updated information

9. How long does it take for the mobile to get recharged through
Dearmart provides instant mobile recharging. Just in case your recharge fails due to a technical error at operator's end, we try recharging your mobile for the next two hours.

10. How will I get to know whether my recharge transaction has been successful?
Once you complete your three-step process of mobile recharging on, you will receive the following from us:
  • Immediate response on your screen
  • SMS on your mobile
  • SMS from your operator with recharge details
11. What if I do not receive any recharge from the mobile operator for my successful transaction on
Usually, you should get your recharge details in an SMS message from your operator within 30 seconds after completing the transaction. In case it takes more than 4 hours, please raise your query through online support section by login into your Dearmart account

12. My recharge was successful, but I have not yet received my recharge!
At Dearmart, all recharge requests are processed immediately. If you do not receive any confirmation SMS from your mobile operator within four hours, then kindly raise your query through online support section by login into your Dearmart account. We will be happy to help you.

13. When I was doing the recharge on, I got a response that my recharge was unsuccessful. What does this mean?
Possible reasons for such an error could be:
  • Mobile operator’s server was temporarily unavailable.
  • Entered amount was not accepted by your mobile operator as a valid recharge value
  • Sometimes it so happens that we are unable to connect to the mobile operator's server due to a temporary network problem.
In such cases, kindly raise your query through online support section by login into your Dearmart account and we will be happy to help.

14. How can I get to know the valid recharge denominations for my mobile operator?
While we make our best efforts to share with you the valid recharge denominations for your operator, if you are trying any particular recharge denomination for the first time, then we recommend you recheck the recharge denomination from your mobile operator 's website or call centre.

15. I have switched my operator through MNP. How can I now get a recharge done?
For recharge, kindly follow these steps:
  • Step 1: Enter the mobile number.
  • Step 2: Select your current operator (if it's showing your previous operator).
  • Step 3: Enter recharge value.
16. How can I edit my account details?
Just Login and go to My Account tab. Go to Profile tab under My Account. Here you can edit your account details. Don't forget to SAVE changes.

17. I forgot my password. What should I do?
This is very simple. Just click on "Forgot password?" under Login page. This will ask you to provide your e-mail id registered with us. Your password will be e-mailed or text to you immediately.

18. How can I register?
Our registration process is very simple and short. Just click on "Sign up" present on right top corner of home page. Enter Associate ID and fill basic detail as per registration form.

1. If I need more balance on my wallet?
Kindly fill request form from your account.

2. Can I use my debit/ATM card to make payment to fill my wallet?
Currently this facility not available, but in future you can fill your wallet

3. I am not registered on What do I do?
It's never too late. Simply visit and register yourself. It's fast and easy.

4. How do I make payment for activation of my account.?
You need to purchase E PIN from your nearest franchisee or just call on our support number

5. What is E PIN?
E pin is a 9 to 10 digit unique code for activation of account.

6. What is the cost of Epin?
To avail our all services you need to purchase E pin for activation of your account by paying Rs.900 only.

1. Forgot my password! What next?
"Its simple lick on 'Login' and then on 'Forgot Password'. Enter your registered email ID and click on 'Send Email'.Please change your password through the recovery link sent to the registered email address."

2. Want to change the registered email id! Is it possible?
Sorry! A user ID can not be changed. Please file a ticket or call our Contact centre for help on this.

3. I don’t have an account on Dearmart. Can I still recharge?
No, Remember! It is a B2B platform where you get commission or discount on every services use in dearmart. To access all services you need to create your account on dearmart then only you can recharge or use our other services.

4. My friend needs a recharge! Can I use my wallet for other prepaid mobile numbers?
Yes, you can recharge mobile numbers of your loved ones using MobiKwik wallet.

5. So why do I need to Sign Up to use Dearmart?
Signing Up has its advantages. You can view your all your past orders and transactions on Dearmart.

6. How do I change my registered mobile number?
Once you enter your email and mobile you can’t change. For any assistance write us your query.

1. My recharge failed. Can I get my money back?
Of course you can. Your money is yours unless you get what you asked for. When your recharge fails, the money automatically gets refunded to your wallet.

2. No signs of refund in my bank account?
Get instant refund on your wallet also you can see refund status on report section of your account.

3. I entered a wrong number. How can I get my money back?
We apologize, but there isn’t a way to get your money back. If the operator has already processed the recharge, the recharge will be considered as successful for the number you entered. So there’s little we can do in this regard.

1. The status of my recharge is pending. What should I do?
We request you to wait for 10 - 15 mins. Sometimes recharges take longer than usual. In case your recharge is not done in the next 15 mins. Please write to us or call us on number given to website, will respond to you as soon as possible

2. Where can I know the status of my recharge?
To know status, go to recharge history in report section.

3. What happens to my money if my recharge fails?
Your money remains safe with us. If recharge fails then no amount deduct from your wallet

4. My Recharge not done but money is deducted from my wallet?
Sometimes due to technical reason or delayed response from the operator the recharge shows as failed even though the amount has been deducted from your account. Be assured that your amount is totally secure and as per procedure it would be refunded within 1-2 working days.

5. I got different benefits from what is mentioned in the tariff table.
Currently no solution available for your query,contact us further to solve.

6. I recharged on wrong number?
Sorry, but if the recharge is already success then we are unable to cancel the order. The operator does not provide any refund for wrong recharges. Be very careful from next time to place an order for recharge.

7. My recharge is failing again and again ?
It may be possible that the same recharge request is failing because your operator may have changed the tariff plan or offer. Kindly contact with your operator customer care to know about the available tariff offers before placing your order.

8. My recharge status is still showing Pending ?
contact us further to solve.

9. My recharge failed but amount is not added to wallet
This happens rarely, but in case your transaction fails & the refund is not added to your Wallet, just wait for few hours. If you still have not added then kindly submit a request to us.

10. I want to change my registered Mobile number or Email?
Currently no solution available for your query , contact us further to solve.

11. Invoice or Reciept Required?
You will get the invoice or receipt from the end of completion of your order at your registered email id. If do not received then please submit a ticket.

12. I think my account is compromised or hacked ?
You should change your password immediately if you think your account is compromised. We suggest you to do not share your password with anyone, not even with someone claiming to be from Dearmart.

13. .Is my account information is safe ?
Don't worry! All information transmitted between you and us is a secure and safely protocol available on the web. We will never release any of your details to anyone.

14. I like to delete my account?
.If you want to close your account then please submit a ticket or mail us on